Albert Murray

Albert Murray

At times I think that I was born in the wrong time period but then I realize that maybe I just haven’t found my cause…

The black jazz critic, essayist and novelist Albert Murray died on Sunday in Harlem at age 97. I think how wonderful it would have been to sit across from this man to hear his story on life. To be acclaimed by people such as Duke Ellington AND Ralph Ellison.

This man needs more than a “blurp” in the news about his accomplishments.

“…Mr. Murray was many men: friend of Ellington and artist Romare Bearden (whose paintings hung in Mr. Murray’s Harlem apartment); foe of Marxists, Freudians, academics, black nationalists and white segregationists; and mentor and inspiration to Ernest J. Gaines, Stanley Crouch, James Alan McPherson and many others….”

I’m in awe of the cultural history that this man represents, that he challenged societal viewpoints and the cultural icons, such as Alvin Ailey, that gave him such acclaim.

It’s people like this that make me truly realize that I’ve got to find my passion and purpose….

Rapunzel, Rapunzel….

A little over a month ago, I came home from work with yet another bag from Sally’s Beauty Supply Store. I have been trying to minimize my hair products but this stop was an emergency; I was out of deep conditioner. Of course, I couldn’t run into the store and ONLY buy more conditioner; I also purchased a small sampler of Crème of Nature Argan Oil Intensive Conditioning Treatment. 

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…say a little prayer…

I didn’t have my usual case of “Monday morning grumpiness.” Instead, I woke up feeling like this was going to be my week…

I left home, opted to spend a few dollars of my tight budget on a cup of coffee and didn’t have ANY bouts of road rage on the way in to work this morning. Honestly, with the exception of an hour or two of self-doubt, I felt like some new opportunities may actually manifest. *fingers crossed*

Last week, I had an opportunity to submit a writing sample AND I also had a chance to interview for a role that would place me back into the realm of research and statistics, which I love doing. I geeked out during the job interview and if they had asked me to dress up like clown and juggle in the middle of a busy intersection, I would have done it without question. Seriously.

My nerdiness was in overdrive during that interview, which lasted for nearly 2 hours. I walked away feeling good about my answers and very confident. All weekend, I was on cloud 9; so much so that I agreed to help the fiancé with the huge project of painting one of the rooms in the house.

FYI…I have never painted anything larger than a 16×20 inch canvas.

Today, that mood continues. I am pleased with my hair. I have been very diligent in completing wedding tasks, beat level 134 in Candy Crush, said a few prayers for the blessings I have and prayed for patience as I wait to find out about the interview, the writing sample and oh, I forgot to mention, possibly an adjunct teaching position for Sociology….

*fingers crossed*

*toes crossed*

*sending good vibes and good karma*